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Colorado Thoroughbred Breeders Association


To abide by the State of Colorado’s “stay at home” order the CTBA office will be closed until April 11th 2020, unless we are told otherwise.  If you have any questions you may still call the office phone number as the calls are forwarded to LarriLou. Please continue to make your stake race nominations as usual.  We will be picking up the mail.  Please stay safe everyone during this difficult time!!

2020 Memberships-if you still haven’t sent them to us please do so soon, that way you will stay current with up-to-date important information.


Stakes Race Nomination Forms are listed above. Please note, you will now be able to make your March and April payments on April 15th without a penalty of a late payment if you missed March’s deadline. Remember you must be a member in order to nominate a horse.  

Silver Cup’s 2nd Nomination form is listed under the Silver Cup Tab - due postmarked by Tuesday, March 31st 2020.

To see the latest newsletter please go under the Reminder’s Tab and click on the PDF file.      

There is a new phone number for the Racing Commission 303-866-6743.  It is also listed under the Contacts page for future references.  




Photo’s Courtesy of Menoken Farms

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